100 Pcs 4 Inch Plastic Plant Nursery Garden Labels Pot Marker Garden Stake Tags, White

  • HIGHLY VISIBLE - If your garden has so many plants and shrubs and it's difficult to remember the names of all of them.
  • DURABLE PLASTIC PLANT LABELS TAGS - Made of PVC plastic. Durable, after the expansion is still distorted Not Bad. Waterproof and will not brittle and snap like most plastic tags. Unaffected by weather (bright sun, high heat) and are working great to label the multiple rows in your botanical garden.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE - Easy to stick it in the soil. Good for marking seed trays, green house humidity dome, pots or attaching to young plants.The labels are already cut and come separated.
  • EASY TO WRITE ON - The "Matte Finish" makes the labels easy to write on with a permanent marker or a pencil on either side. Long enough for most common and binomial names. Write information of the plant on the tags with markers and makes ID of plants so much easier! PLEASE NOTICE that the markers may lose the color under sunlight and rain over time.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Plant markers are easily cleaned with household cleaner for reuse.

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