100x Plastic Plant Flower Garden Pots Nursery Seedlings Pot Growing Container AU

Item specifics

Material: Plastic
Color: Red+Black
Size: Different size for your choice(The first number for top diameter, the second number for bottom diameter, the third number for height)
New and high quality.
Transport, loading, storage is extremely convenient.
Made of plastic material, good durability, non-toxic breathable, long service life, anti-aging.
Bottom hollow design for balanced drainage and the ventilation function is strong, helps the plants grow.
Can provide farmers with agricultural output, and gradually to the rich.
Outer diameter approx. 10cm
Inner diameter approx. 9.2cm
Base diameter approx. 6.8cm
Height approx. 8.3cm
Note: these sizes are manually measured, please allow 5-10mm difference.
100pcs Plastic Plant Flower Pot

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