10W Solar Fountain Pump with Multiple Nozzles, DIY Water Feature Kit for Outdoor with Pipe

About this item

  • ⛲【High-efficiency Solar Panel】: This solar fountain uses high-efficiency solar panels, the maximum conversion power reaches 10W, and the pump lift reaches a maximum of 32 inches. Keep the pump running even in low sun weather.
  • ⛲【DIY Water Feature Kit】: This solar water pump is a separate design, and with a 4.9 ft water pipe, you can freely design the water feature. The water pump and solar panel have 16.4 ft of wire link, so you can place the water feature in the shade or indoors, just keep the solar panel in the sun.
  • ⛲【Multiple Nozzles】: This solar water fountain contains three sets of nozzles, Rotating Nozzle Set, Fixed Nozzle Set and Mushroom Splash Nozzle Set. You can combine two rotating spray styles, four double-layer spray styles, three normal spray styles and two mushroom spray styles. These spray styles are perfect for birdbaths, gardens, ponds and fish tanks. Please refer to the manual for the combination method.
  • Item dimensions L x W x H - 33 x 23.1 x 6.6 centimetres
  • ⛲【Suggestion】: This fountain has prongs that can be inserted directly into the soil. The solar panel can be adjusted 360 degrees so that the solar panel can face the sun for a longer time. Note: 1. The pump needs to be fully immersed in water. 2. The water pump needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent the water pump from being blocked. 3. Please keep the solar panel clean. 4. When the solar panel is facing away from the sun, cloudy or at night, the water pump will not work.

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