12 Pack Invisible Pot Feet to Elevate up to 4 Flower Plant Planters or Statues - Large

About this item

  • RECYCLED - Made from 100% recycled rubber. Each Potriser is and virtually indestructible.
  • TOUGH & STABLE- Just 3 of our pot feet can support up to 9, 000 lbs. Most medium to large planters only need 3 risers for stability, more can be added as necessary.
  • PREVENT DAMAGE & STAINING - Potrisers prevent your garden planters and pots from skidding as well as staining and damage to decks, patios, and porches. Potrisers may may mark vinyl or vinyl composite surfaces.
  • Stack them to level planters on slopes. Suggested Use: Equally space 4 risers beneath outside edges of pot. If using with a tray - place a set below the tray to prevent water rings or condensation on surfaces, and within the tray beneath the pot to allow the pot to drain freely. P
  • This larger riser, recommended for larger pots and statuary will support up to 12000-pound (per set of 4).
  • Shape: SQUARE

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