14 Pack Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads with Laundry Mesh Bag by Baskiss, Chemical free, Organic Reusable Soft Facial and Skin Care Washable Cloth Pads (Bamboo Cotton, White)

  • Joyle Limited (merchant name: Pxmalion Direct) is the ONLY legal authorized company to sell Baskiss branded products on Amazon.ca. Please note that every Baskiss 14 Pack Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads comes with a Baskiss customerized packaing bag. If you receive any suspicious product, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via Amazon.
  • A MUST HAVE - Comes with 14 packs Bamboo makeup remover pads and a friendly washable mesh bag. These 14 makeup remover reusable pads are equivalent to 2000 disposable cottons.
  • MULTIPLE USES - It can be eye makeup remover, facial makeup remover, also works for eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, and More! If you are tried of using tons of expensive makeup remover, this kind of all natural no any chemicals pad are great for you.
  • FRIENDLY MATERIAL - Made of bamboo cotton, it will gently, naturally remove all your waterproof makeup by breaking the surface tension of the ingredients that bonds your makeup to the skin when rubbing.
  • EFFICIENT CLEANING - They are super fluffy and soft, great to get deep into your pores and successfully remove away of your makeup, chemicals, sunscreen, cosmetics out without any discomfort.

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