15CM Garden Stakes Galvanized Landscape Staples, U-Type Turf Staples for Artificial Grass - 100 Pcs

  • ◆◆HEAVY DUTY: 100 pack, Professional Grade hot dipped galvanized sod staples made from 11gauge/3mm thick galvanized carbon steel wire;
  • ◆◆ROBUST: Trapezoidal U-shaped design for additional tension in the soil, galvanized for extra rust protection and long-term durability;
  • ◆◆Easy to install: Sharp ends makes the landscape staples penetrate into sod,plastic sheeting,heavy soil,mats easily and quickly;
  • ◆◆Multi-purpose:A very useful tool for outdoor activity.Use for yard,garden,lawn.Help you to fence in dogs, squirrels, rabbits.Stop your pets ruining your garden.Help you to fix edging,plant roots,landscape fabric or plastic,electric wires,fences, hoses to keep your garden clean and tidy.
  • SIZE: 25 x 150mm

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