16 Pack Sensory Fidget Toys Set-Bike Chain, Marble Fidget Toys Rainbow Magic Sensory Balls

  • Squeeze Mesh Balls – Simply squeeze and release these flexible fidget balls with your hand, focus on the feeling of the tension and softness cyclically, it really helps stress relief and anti-anxiety, great for kids with ADD or ADHD and people with OCD or high stress/anxiety levels.
  • Cute Soybean Squeeze Toys – Just extruding the beans out of pods and release your hand and watch the beans bounce back into the pods, play with it over and over again, it helps mind focusing and eliminate tension at important occasions.
  • Cool Flippy Chains – Enjoy the smooth rolling twisting moment with your fingers, keep it at your pocket, carry it with you while going out and play with it to kill time.
  • Funny Fidget Stretch Strings –Feel the super soft stretchy string to be stretched out to 98 inch in length and twist to any shape at your hand, great fidget toys for stress relief or daily exercise, ideal gift for birthday or party favors.
  • Top Quality Toys for Kids and Adults – These fidget toys are made from nontoxic and durable materials and are safe for kids and adults. Have fun playing without worrying.

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