21W Heating Incubator Mat Heat Pad Hatch Breed Seelding Seed Starter Hydroponics

  • ✿[Warning] 1. Please do not immerse the heating mat in water. 2.Please note that this is 21Watt heating mat, if your greenhouse, terrarium or aquarium is too big, maybe this may not get enough heat. 3. Because it is just 21W, it does not heat, once you connect the power supply, please wait for about 10 ~ 30 minutes, it will slowly warm up.
  • ✿[Temperature] Warming seedling mat for better veggie, herb and flower seed germination -Warms root area 10 to 20 degrees above ambient temperature.
  • ✿ [Size] 20.75 "x10" inches. Power: 21Watt, 220V ~ 240V. Low power consumption, simply place under the seed pan.
  • ✿[Greenhouses] They are well suited both as heating for indoor greenhouses and for use in the terrarium area, aquarium fish, beer brewing ect.
  • ✿[Usage] Ideal heat source for the optimal supply of terrarium animals, reptiles, indoor greenhouses.

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