23L Air Fryer Mini Benchtop Convection Oven Low Fat Multi-Functional, Oven Toaster Grill Baking

About this item

  • 23 LITRE AIR FRYER OVEN FOR COUNTERTOP - Eat healthy snacks at home by preparing them in our Air Fryer Oven that comes with 23 litres capacity. Suitable for big families and all types of cooking, this all-in-one 1700 Watts air fryer over not only air fries food but also toasts, bakes, broils, roasts and defrosts. A healthy alternative to deep frying.
  • INNOVATIVE 360°C TURBO AIR TECHNOLOGY - Featuring cutting-edge, circulating ‘turbo air’ technology with four stainless steel heating elements on the top cooks your food quickly with minimum oil, while still providing maximum taste. It uses the 360 degree circulation of hot air to cook food faster and even. Fry your favourite food to crispy perfection wit-out worrying about calories.
  • SECURE GLASS WINDOW, BUILT-IN OVEN LIGHT, ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - Equipped with superior quality material and accessories, this device comes with a baking tray, wire rack and pan handle. An absolute essential, our all-in-one kitchen appliance features three oven rack levels for simultaneous cooking, a secure glass viewing window and built-in oven light to check the cooking progress.
  • COOK YOUR WAY TO A HEALTHIER LIFE - Offering a low-fat, low-calorie, fast-cooking alternative that does not sacrifice taste or quality. Leave your guests in awe at your next lunch party, Sunday brunch, BBQ dinner or a weekend family reunion. You can set the temperature between 90°C – 230°C and the cooking time up to 60 minutes using the dials.
  • Measurements: 40.4cm x 37.6cm x 34.8cm
  • Weight: 5.6kgs
  • Capacity: 23L

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