24W mini portable nail lamp, 15 UV LED lamp nail dryer with 2 timer settings, USB powered

  • -15 Lamp beads manicure lamps can be used for drying nail polish, cat's eye glue, phototherapy glue, and can dry both hands at the same time
  • -Lightweight and Portable Mini, lightweight but powerful, able to cover both hands. The pocket size with micro USB port and USB cable makes it ideal for home use and travel.
  • - Easy to use Press the ON/OFF button once to cure for 30 seconds, long press for 1-2 seconds to maintain 60 seconds.
  • -Fast and comfortable , The portable ultraviolet LED nail lamp can be connected to the computer, mobile power and mobile phone charger, so that you can perform manicure anytime, anywhere.
  • -Protect eyes and skin , Dual light Source technology make the light harmless to human body and skin. The opaque lamp shade effectively protects the eyes from direct light.

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