27 Piece Drill Brush Attachment Set, Power Scrubber Drill Brush Kit, Scrub Drill Brush Set with Extend Long Attachment


Saves Time:These drill brushes will become some of your most used bathroom accessories as you start cleaning faster and easier than ever before.

Quick Change Shafts:When you need to change out your drill cleaning brush attachment simply pull out our quick-change shafts and easily install a new brush. Press your brush against the surface you want to clean and start the drill.

Scouring Pads:The scouring pads play a big role on cleaning kitchen, oven, cast iron skillet, stove, granite&marble counter top, frying pan, pots and pans.

Drill Brush Attachment Set Including:
3* 2” flat brush
2* 3.5”original cone brush
1* 5” flat brush
4* 4” flat brush
3* 4” sponge pad
12* 4” scouring pad
1* 6 inch extended reach attachment

Warming Tips:
1. Drill is not included. But the drill brush fits 99% of drills or impact drivers on market.
2. To clean brushes and scrubs pads, remove them from drill, rinse with warm water then place till dry.
3. Watch for splash if you use bleach products. It is recommended to wear goggle or eye protection when the brush spins.
4. It is advised to test the drill brushes or the scrub pads on a small area before using them on the entire.
5. Make sure the brush rotates CLOCKWISE when in use.

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