29cm Cast Iron Japanese Style Sukiyaki Tetsu Nabe Shabu Hot Pot with Wooden Lid

  •  25cm Cast Iron Japanese Sukiyaki Hot Pot Crafted of cast iron and high-quality enamel coating with handle and a wooden lid. It is a multi-functional, durable, and long-lasting kitchen cookware.
  • It is the perfect stovetop-to-table soup and stew bowl for simmering your favorite combination of sliced meats, vegetables, noodles, rice, and sauces.
  • Dimension 9.8" D x 3.5"H Perfect for 1-2 person serving. Perfect for home use or even restaurant use.
  • This nabe pot can be heated directly on the stovetop. Multi-functional and durable pot.
  • These Cast Iron Hot Pot last a lifetime and then some. Nothing beats cast iron durability. Also, a great long-term investment, naturally designed to improve over time. Some things do last forever.

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