40 Pack Black Cable Clips - Viaky Strong 3M Self Adhesive Wire Holder Organizer


Viaky 40pcs Cable Clips are excellent in abrasion resistance and temperature resistance and excellent small design. 
This Cable Clips are not only to fix the cord on the desk at your home or office, but also to store earphones, power cord, charge cable, USB cord, cell phone charger, audio cable, lighting You can use the cord, cord around the PC, cable, etc. 

Easy To Use: sure the surface you want to stick on the clips is clean; 
off the back cover of the base; 
it on the right position firmly, stay 4 hours to let the glue adhesive better; 
to manage your cords. 

Guide for Better Usage Purpose: 1. Do not use on the surface which is wet, dirt or with oil and wax etc. Please apply the cable clip on clean, oil-free, dust-free and water free and smooth num alloy has the best effect. 
2. When it is placed, do not shake it immediately, it should stay about 4 hours to let the glue adhesive better. 
3. Do not place it near high temperature objects. 
4. Remove Tips: Try to wipe it repeatedly with alcohol, or use a hair dryer to maximize the heat, blow a little bit at the tape, made it slowly soft, and then wipe it off with a eraser or a rag. This can avoid leaving a patch of tape on the place. 

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