6.56ft Baby Bumper Strip, Edge Guard with Shimmering Powder

  • UPDATED VERSION WITH SHIMMERING POWDER - Made of safe PVC materia, Transparent and Beautiful, Reusable, Ecofriendly and Safe for babies. Unlike the foam corner edge protector, it can not only protect the baby, but also keep the beauty of the furniture.
  • NO MORE WORRY - As children don’t have awareness of danger, this product can keep them away from the sharp edges and corners. With this, they are free to walk, run and play games at home, no more worry about injury from hitting the furniture.
  • MANY USES! - Cabinets, Countertops, drawers, Fireplace, Nightstands, Coffee Tables, Dining tables, Thick glass tables(0.78ft), Appliances, Sharp door edges, Edge of wall protector( keep paint from chipping) and so many more.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE - On the top of the package, there is a paper card with detailed and comprehensive instruction for every customer. It can firmly stick to the furniture and can easily be removed without leaving trace and damage to furniture.
  • FLEXIBLE AND ODORLESS - Corner Protection and Edge Protection, Flexible and Odorless, Try its best to guarantee your baby’s safety. Can be all-directional protection for your babies and just like a kind protector being with them.

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