600 Home Moving Labels for 3 Bedroom House. 50 Labels Per Room, 12 Color Coded


This is exactly what you need for your next move. The pack includes 12 color coded rolls, with 50 labels on each roll, including 50 Fragile labels. That's a total of 600 moving pack includes labels for the following rooms: Living Room, Family Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Utility, Storage (Basement, Garage, etc), Bedroom 1 Bathroom 1 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 2 Bedroom 3 Fragile INNOVATIVE DESIGN Each label says the name of each area, with a high contrast background to enhance readability. All labels also have small icons and check boxes on the bottom, corresponding to common surfaces within each room. Using these check boxes, each box can be placed closest to the target surface. You can use a hole punch or a sharpie to mark the checkbox and indicate what is inside the box. There are different icons for every room type. As an example, the bedroom labels have the following icons: Bed, Bedside Tables, Dresser, Wardrobe, Entertainment Unit, Sofa, Window. On your next move, you would know which box has stuff that goes in the bedside and which one has the sofa cushions. MADE FOR BOXES These are non removable permanent labels, so they will not fall off your boxes. DO NOT USE ON FURNITURE, if you accidentally stick them on furniture, use a damp warm towel to rub over the sticker and then peel. EASY TO PEEL OFF BACKING The labels peel off the roll easily, but will stick tight to large and small moving boxes, furniture, wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap, cartons, kitchen boxes, packing boxes, wardrobe moving bags, packing paper, packing peanuts and any other packing or moving supplies, and can be removed if needed. SIZE Each label measures 4.5" X 1" Total labels: 600

Features & details


  • 600 LABELS FOR MOVING BOXES: An essential for your moving supplies kit. Label your moving packing boxes and make your next move a breeze.
  • 50 LARGE MOVING LABELS FOR EVERY SPACE: With 50 large 4.5" X 1" home moving labels for each room and 50 Fragile labels. This set is ideal for a 4 bedroom or smaller house.
  • USER FRIENDLY ICONS ON EVERY LABEL: Now you can mark exactly what is inside each box, with icons for practically every surface in your house and unpack accordingly. You can place a label on each door when you move to your new house and your moving team can identify by color and text.
  • THESE ARE PERMANENT NON REMOVABLE LABELS MEANT FOR BOXES: DO NOT USE ON FURNITURE - Since these are permanent, you can be sure that they won't fall off the boxes. Will also work on wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap, mattress bags and stretch wrap.

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