77mm Circular Polarizer Filter for Camera Lens, Fotga CPL Protection Lens Filter

  • This FOTGA Pro 1D Multi-coated CPL filter is used to increase colour saturation, darken blue skies so white clouds stand out and eliminate reflections from non-metallic surfaces like glass or water. It will also reduce the softness in scenery caused by atmospheric haze.
  • Pro digital multi-coated filters greatly reduce the appearance of lens flare and ghosting caused by reflections.
  • Ultra thin 1mm optical glass-3mm low profile frame but still have front screw thread to hold anther filter such as CPL or lens is a slim filter and provide 24 layers of coating.
  • This CPL filter is compatible with all 77mm camera lenses. Your lens thread size will be printed underneath your lens cap or written somewhere on the lens barrel. Make sure you order the correct size otherwise it will not fit your lens.
  • It is a slim filter and provide 24 layers of coating.

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