A vey New brand silicone materials purely reusable gloves with scrabblers attached for multiple work of kitchen dish (purple)

  • heat resistance , multiple functions , easy to use in various purpose , easy to clean and sterilised . Quality standard silicon – made with good food grade and protective silicone . Food waterproof , anti-smell ,anti microscopic bacteria with anti allergy production.
  • Absolute premium quality silicone materials. Multiple functions with attached sponge like scrubber. highly elastic and very strong. Doesn't tear easily.Soft and flexible to fit your hand
  • Cleanness friendly. this silicone gloves are designed to easy use and easy cleaning . just rinse or keep in dishwasher will be perfect germ free and clean 100 percent satisfaction. highly important is cost effective and highly beneficial. many different uses from kitchen to garden.
  • FDA approved silicone rubber material . food hygiene approved. #very High and very low Heat resistant(over 250/-40) and safe to use for multiple cleaning. Kitchen purpose, fruit & vegetable cleaning, bathroom cleaning,bed room cleaning, wardrobe dust removing, pet hair caring, car washing Etc
  • Easy way to sterilise use boiling water because this gloves have high heat resistance. its uses are not only in kitchen it is very useful in dust cleaning carpet , even useful fogardening.

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