Active Camping Folding Table - Aluminum Joints, Compact, Lightweight Camping Table. Portable Outdoor Furniture for Picnic, Beach, Hiking

  • DESIGN: The Kruger Folding Table is a mini compact lightweight portable table that works great for the beach, camping, outdoor events, sports games and as a perfect party side table. Very quick to set up as a picnic table around the campfire and quickly collapsible to breakdown to a small storage saving size to pack away for travel in your camping supplies. Its strong rectangle design is sturdy enough to be a grill table, hold a stove, sewing machine, camp bbq table and easily be a card table
  • CONSTRUCTION: This foldable table is made of a strong 7075 aluminum base and a durable aluminum folding table desk top making it better than other folding tables on the market for its waterproof and strength capabilities. Makes a great camping table, beach table and patio table for its outdoor water resistant qualities. Also a great indoor table around the dining and kitchen area to put your computer on, coffee maker, kitchen essentials and other cooking or craft table type accessories
  • DIMENSIONS: This outdoor table is 22 inches by 15.9 inches by 17 inches tall 56 centimeters by 40.5 centimeters by 44 centimeters. It weighs 1.9 pounds 860 grams. Load capacity is 50 pounds 22 kilograms. The black foldable desk and teal base fold down to a small 22 inches by 5.5 inches 56 centimeters by 14 centimeters. Includes a tiny utility travel bag that is small enough to fit in your beach bag, camping gear bag, sport bag and easily stores well in your camper, RV, and other small spaces 
  • FEATURES: The simple setup feature that both kids and adults can manage pairs great with the FE Active folding chair. Bring the table and chairs as a set to a festival, on a fishing trip or add to your beach accessories and camping accessories as must have items. The aluminum folding desk top needs no tablecloth and will work in any environment . The height is perfect for a gaming table to hold any board game or camping gadgets or use it if you have room inside your tent as a night stand

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