Air Humidifier Portable USB Humidifier Mini Humidifiers for Baby Room

  • 1. Adjustable. Adjust the combination to meet the needs of different sizes of environment humidification. with tap water, and the spray quantity is 40ml/h, which is very convenient.
  • 2. Large amount of atomization. The intensity of humidification is large, the ultrasonic atomization is fine and uniform, and there is no limited capacity design, so that the spray quantity can reach 40ml/h, and the relative humidity requirement can be quickly achieved.
  • 3. Leakage proof. Rubber has leak-proof function. Bottle mouth buckle is flexible glue, which can be reversed without leakage. 90 degrees short knock down without leakage, do not stand upside down 180 degrees for a long time.
  • 4. Wide adaptability. From ordinary mugs, glasses, red wine cups to mineral water bottles, large capacity water tank, etc., it can choose different containers according to your own needs.
  • 5. Safe and easy to carry, quiet operation won't interfere with your sleep or work. When the humidifier works, the sound is only 30 db, super silent.

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