All In 1 Multifunction Brackets Stand For PS5 Digital Edition/Ultra HD Charging Dock

  • 【The latest professional stand for PS5 game console】: Compatible with PS5 Digital Edition and Ultra HD.
  • 【Integrated design】: It is convenient for the host to stand upright. When all equipment is mounted, it has charging and cooling functions, and can store 14 game discs.
  • 【Complete charging function】: Including 3 USB HUB and 2 PS5 handle base chargers. (Please note: the stand does not include the power supply unit!)
  • 【Powerful cooling function】: Double powerful fan design, easy to vertical and cooling, effectively reduce the operating temperature of the console, significantly improve operating efficiency, independent fan switch can turn off the fan when heat dissipation is not needed.
  • 【Compact structure and small footprint】: It occupies a smaller space while achieving a larger load capacity, making it easier to place in a small area.

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