Are you Game? - The Couples Intimacy Game for Valentines Day Gifts 203 Conversation Cards



With Valentine's Day now only 11 days away here is a great gift idea to be shared and enjoyed by your special someone on Valentine's Day! 

  • REVEALING VALENTINES DAY GIFT. You'll have a unique experience on the night or as a gift for onging fun. See how much you do or don't know about each other’s thoughts and beliefs around a host of topics. We include over 150 base cards, another 26 x 4 chilli optional cards to start you thinking and learning, plus fun follow-on cards for after the couple’s game. Take your relationship to another level.
  • FLEXIBLE. Select out any card types you don't want to play or SKIP any individual question. We are 100% sure you will learn something you didn't know before, be it on our 'True or False' trivia style cards or the more revealing 'Question and Answer' table topics that couples love. It's a romantic game for 1 couple, 2 couples against each other or just close friends.
  • FUN. By weaving openness, physical connection and thought-provoking conversations through the game, we create more opportunity for you as a couple or friends to share and learn through a couple game OR just select some date night cards as conversation starters.
  • TASTEFUL. We've blended topics that a game for adults should discuss, both naughty and nice, which lead to further conversations, even crucial conversations, if you choose. We don't use smutty talk, but it will get a little steamy.
  • RE-CONNECTS, EXPANDS AND SPARKS MORE RELATIONSHIP FOCUS. Our moments as couples together in life should be special, we all deserve it. It starts with focus and conversations and we trust that this will be best relationship building game for couples that you’ve played.





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