Black & White Laundry hamper, Round Storage Basket, Collapsible Storage Bin

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL  – Made of cotton fabric with  PE coating inside for waterproof, great if your need to use it for wet towels or  dirty laundry  
  • EASY TO USE  This compact ( 50 cm x 40 cm about 300 g) is portable and light weight, Can carry from bedroom to laundry easily .  
  • SO VERSATILE  _ you can use this laundry hamper / storage bin in so many ways. Great for camping – storing clothes , shoes , sleeping bags, in your babies  nursery , your kids toys your dogs toys.  
  • EASY TO CLEAN  Wipe clean only, No need  to not use abrasive cleaner or use a washing machine ( as this will damage the waterproof coating ) Just simply wipe clean with a sponge.  
  • Black & White Laundry hamper, round storage basket, collapsible storage bin is made of cotton fabric. This Laundry Hamper is durable waterproof storage bin is great to store your clothes, your kid's toys, towels, baby's products and pet toys & leads.

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