Busy Board for Toddlers, Fine Motor Skill Toys, Montessori Busy Board Educational Toys

About this item

  • 🌟【CHILDREN'S TRAVEL TOYS】Montessori busy board is made of soft felt cloth, which is elastic and has no hard corners. It measures 18*12cm, weighs 0.22 KG, and is very light. At the same time, the handbag is designed for easy carrying. Our portable light blue learning board will become your child's first choice for travel toys because children can carry them on their shoulders or put them in their school bags. This is a very suitable travel toy for children.
  • 🌟【FINE MOTOR SKILLS TOYS】Montessori busy toddler board toys are suitable for young children, simulating zippers, shoelaces, and belts to help children learn to wear shoes, color recognition, strengthen hand-eye coordination, improve fine motor skills and develop problem-solving skills. Busy toddler toys are a fun and effective way to teach basic life skills. These daily skills not only help to improve the hands-on ability of young children but also help them learn to be independent.
  • 🌟【MONTESSORI CHILDREN'S TOYS MULTIFUNCTIONAL】16-in-1 color puzzle for children aged 1-3, including buckles, zippers, shoelaces, buttons, snaps, horn buttons, etc.! The 16 colorful activity areas not only exercise the flexibility of children's fingers but also cultivate the adaptability of daily life such as dressing and tying shoes. To provide children with a healthy learning environment, it is the most suitable sensory toy for children.
  • 🌟【THE BEST CHOICE FOR PERSONAL INTERACTION】Montessori busy board also has 26 English letters, which can be used for personal interactive learning. Parents can also teach boys and girls how to read. Busy wooden plank toys for autism can immediately attract young children and stimulate their interest

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