Ergonomic Office Foot Rest Under Desk - Orthopedic Teardrop Design - Premium Velvet Footrest for Desk - Help Relief Lumbar, Back, Knee Pain - Non-Slip Bottom (Black)

  • PAIN RELIEF FOR FEET, LEGS, HIPS, AND SCIATICA - Pain caused by long periods of sitting can be reduced using an under desk footrest. Switching from the hard ground to a soft and comfortable desk foot rest will help lessen foot pressure and improve circulation. Reducing swelling caused by any hard surface or cheap foot stool for desk at work.
  • ORTHOPEDIC DOCTOR RECOMMENDED FOR IMPROVED POSTURE - Unlike standard under desk foot rests that are half moon shaped, our “teardrop” structure and orthopedic design places your feet and legs in a more comfortable and ergonomically correct position. Anywhere you sit, this cushion will help to improve blood circulation, reduce lower back pain and avert pins and needles in your legs
  • WIDER AND HIGHER THAN OTHER MEMORY FOAM FOOT RESTS - The Above and Beyond Comfort foot rest measures 44 x 26 x 12 cm, allowing you to sit in a more comfortable position than shorter foot rest pillows.
  • MULTI PURPOSE USE AND NON SLIP BOTTOM - A typical daily work desk theme is shifting and moving. That's why we equipped our footrest for under desk with a non slip bottom. It stays in place when you need it. And to give your legs a little wake up call midday, simply flip it over and use it as a rocker to minimize fatigue. The cover is also easy to remove and machine washable, and dryer safe on low heat.
  • FEEL YOUR BEST EVERYDAY - Unlike other memory foam footrests that flatten during use and offer little support, our Above and Beyond high-density foam was engineered with the perfect firmness to provide optimal ergonomic support. Providing the kind of cushioned comfort and support you'd expect from a high quality under desk foot rest. The more time you sit, the more of your body heat it absorbs, softening and supporting in all the right places.

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