Fidget Toys for Adults Kids, Magic Cube Puzzle Brain Teasers Cylinder Rotate & Slide Logic Toy

Product Description

They are not only logic puzzles,but also rotating slide games.

Their movable parts of each layer can not only rotate left and right along the axis,but also move up and down with spaces.

They use an empty space created by a missing piece for strategic movements.

They can solve suggested puzzle patterns and create your own colorful designs.

Neatly Arranged

Special internal structure allows our puzzle parts to be lined up neatly.

Sturdy & Smooth

Sturdy structure makes the puzzle parts not easy to be break.

Reasonable shape makes the puzzle parts slide smoothly and faster.

High-quality & Safety

ABS plastic,Non-toxic and high-quality materials.

Sleek edges,safe and secure.

Bright Colors

Better materials, so the color is more bright.

Number of Game Players - ‎1-3

Number of pieces - ‎3 / 8 Colors x (4 Layers + 6 Layers + 8 Layers)

Material - Non-toxic ABS plastic material

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