Greencherry Chinese Traditional Red Tea Set For Wedding Mandarin Duck Patten

  • EXTREME HEAT RESISTANT - Tight weave manufacturing allows for heat resistance of up to 500 degrees celsius, the long wrist sleeve protects you from burns whilst cooking with a bbq, oven or grill, PROTECTION from either direct or indirect heat
  • ANTI SLIP DESIGN - Silicon anti slip design makes handling any cookware or plates safe and easy, feel secure working with high temperature cooking that you can handle any hot material with ease
  • GREAT DESIGN - using RECYCLED materials and incorporating a handy hanging hook for ease of storage, the BBQ Gorilla BBQ Gloves will look great at any gathering
  • FITS MOST SIZES - Due to the high quality stitching design, the BBQ Glove will accommodate most hand sizes, with a palm that stretches and a snug fitting wrist band to hold the glove, the fingers stretch after a few uses to your finger size so you have the most COMFORTABLE glove for barbecuing
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - the BBQ Gorilla BBQ Glove come with a 30 day money back guarantee plus a 1 year replacement warranty so that you can buy with a FREE eBook with your BBQ Gorilla purchase

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