Large Area Cleaning Hardwood Floor Microfiber Mop Flat Wet Mops

  • Our Microfiber cleans more quickly and thoroughly than other cleaning products. They're machine washable, much more economical than other clean tools.
  • Use the Microfiber Dust Mop to collect larger debris like pet hair, dirt and dust. Use the Wet Mop Pads for a deeper clean.
  • 44'' Removable pole made you clean easy and save space.the Scraping dust tool can be used to Scraping the dust on the mop cloth.
  • 16''*8.4" metal mop frame perfectly sized for both home and office use.
  • There is a sponge on the mop frame.The mop pad is placed on the sponge so that it can be stretched very well, greatly increasing the contact area between the mop pad and the ground, so that the mop pad can better conform to the ground.On the other way,the sponge on the mop frame can greatly enhance the water absorption of the mop pad.The elastic mop band fixes the mop pad on the mop frame, which makes it easier to replace the mop pad.
  • Product description

    Colour:Large Flat Mop

    Product Details:

    Material: Microfiber.

    Color: White&Blue

    Size:16 *8.4 In

    Handle Length:44 In

    Note:The pole and the mop head can be detachable

    Package Include:

    1 x Flat Mop

    2 x Mop Pad

    3 x Branch Pole

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