Large Laundry Baskets Cotton Rope Woven Hamper

  • ✅ Get Organzed with a stylish Cotton Rope Basket. The most durable decorative floor storage basket for blankets, throw rugs, pillows and cushions.
  • ✅ Durable & Sturdy : Unlike wicker baskets, our farmhouse grey large basket is made of thick, premium cotton rope for light or heavy items, with minimalistic handles.
  • ✅ Many Uses : Raving reviews from customers are using baskets as pet toy baskets, a blanket holder for the living room, shoe basket for entryway and towel baskets for bathrooms.
  • ✅ Luxury Woven Baskets for you and your family : Unlike tacky plastic baskets or wicker baskets, our flexible large basket adds luxury and elegance of any living room for blanket storage.
  • ✅ Sizing Options : The Large Basket is perfect a laundry basket for one member of the family while the Extra Large will store enough laundry for the entire family!
  • Large Storage Basket for Toys - Basket for Laundry, Nursery, Bedroom and Bathroom, Cotton Rope Woven Basket 
  • Color: Ivory White 
  • Size: 45cm W x 29cm H

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