Lint Holder Bin for Laundry Room - Magnetic Lint Box with Lid

  • CONENIENT FOR LINT DISPOSAL - The strong magnetic backing on this lint box will nicely grip on side of your dryer, keeping it in reach for tossing away lint and used dryer sheets instead of going to another room to throw away. This magnetic laundry lint box is a handy tool in your laundry room that make laundry so much easier.
  • HELPS TO KEEP LAUNDRY ROOM CLEAN AND ORGANIZED - This beautiful magnetic lint holder will help you to keep a fresh and organized laundry room. It helps to remind you to empty the lint trap and clean up, no more lint on top of your dryer or scattering on the floor.
  • A GREAT ADDITION TO LAUNDRY ROOM DECOR – This laundry lint box is well made with modern look design and in glossy white color which adds some farmhouse feel to your home decor and gives you happy feeling when you're doing your laundry tasks, turning a laundry room into a nice happy place.
  • SMALL LINT TRASHCAN YET ENOUGH FOR LOADS OF LINT- L7.3" x W3.5" x H10.5" just the right size to fit into a tight space in a small laundry room, yet it's deep enough to hold a lot lint and used dryer sheets load after load, so you dont have to worry about emptying lint all the time.

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