Organic Cotton Bread Bag - Reusable, Premium Bread Bag - Bakery Supplies and Food Storage Solutions - 100% Recyclable and Sustainable

  • GOOD FOR THE PLANET: At Think4Earth, making the world a cleaner place is what we’re all about. Help us make a difference by buying our cotton bread bag and limiting the number of single-use bags you toss away. Not only is this reusable bag recyclable and sustainable, but it’s also vegan-friendly.
  • CREATES MORE TIME FOR BAKING: Simple to use and easy to clean, this reusable storage bag frees up valuable time so you can bake more Hawaiin Bread for your visiting family. Our bags for bread storage can be hand or machine washed, and then line dried out of direct sunlight.
  • FITS MOST SIZED LOAVES INCLUDING HIGH-TOPS: Let the dough rise to its fullest, bake it in the oven and let it cool. No need to worry about it fitting in one of our amply sized reusable bread storage bags. At 17” x 12 ¼”, our bread keeper can easily accommodate anything from a loaf of French bread to a brioche.
  • THE IDEAL GIFT FOR FRIENDS AND THE EARTH: Manufactured from organic cotton, this zero waste bread bag comes from the earth and will return to earth. Not only does it make the perfect present for your environmentally conscious friends, but it also makes an ideal housewarming gift for your mother-in-law who loves to bake.

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