Plant Self Watering Spikes, Self-Watering Stakes for Outdoor Indoor Plant

  • 【ENJOY YOUR VACATION】The plant watering stakes is specifically designed to keep your plants growing when you are on vacation or on business and no one is taking care of them.Usually the average time is 5-7 days for a litre of water, depending on the dryness of your soil,humidity,Environment,etc.
  • 【EASY-TO-USE】The only thing you need to do is just fill a long neck bottle and then combined with the cotta plant spikes, final insert the device into the soil.
  • 【CARROT SHAPE PLANTER SPIKES】 This Carrot shape is new design by PRICETAIL, which can gets more water capacity, longer than any others, more easy to compatible with wine bottle、beer bottle or any long neck bottle.
  • 【Perfect GIFT For Your Plants】This clay plant stakes prevent overwatering or underwatering by releasing the right amount of water, so that your plants can grow healthily.
  • 【VALUE GUARANTEED】 As the water begins to run out, just refill the bottles so that your plants stay hearty and robust.

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