Shoulder Brace for AC Joint & Tendinitis | Shoulder Support for Pain Relief & Injury Prevention | Compression Shoulder Ice Pack | Single Shoulder Support Rotator Cuff Brace for Women & Men by Astorn

  • STABILIZE YOUR SHOULDER — Suffering from shoulder pain? This shoulder support brace relieves pain by compressing and insulating your shoulder. Flexible and supportive—it provides the comfortable stability you need. It’s time to feel good again!
  • ICE, COMPRESS & SUPPORT — If you address shoulder tendinitis early on, home treatment is usually sufficient for full recovery. With a built-in ice pack holder, this shoulder wrap makes compressing, icing and resting easy to fit into your busy life!
  • GET COMFORTABLE — Comfort matters. This adjustable shoulder brace supports your shoulder without restricting motion or cutting in. High elasticity and velcro straps keep the wrap firmly in place, so you can move confidently and comfortably.
  • RELIABLE SUPPORT — Made of breathable neoprene, this shoulder brace support insulates and compresses the injured area to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. It firmly supports your tendons and muscles, allowing them to rest and recover.
  • LONG TERM HEALTH — You want to live a strong, healthy and active life. This shoulder brace for women and men makes that possible by providing the reliable, high quality support you need. Do what’s right for your body, and take your healthy life back!

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