Star Light Projector, Galaxy Projector w/LED Nebula Cloud for Game Rooms

About this item

  • Projects quiet and variable color of beams into the air, when obstructed with stable object, it forms a shape of nebula cloud and green laser dot, best use against wall or ceiling, color contains red, green and blue, the three original color can be solid or inter-graded into mixed color.
  • The easiest way to initiate projecting is to press the power button located in the center, it gives you 5 options of changing the color each time you press the button, follow the sequence of three color mixed, blue, red, green, three color mixed and laser only.
  • Per-programmed with four different lighting scenic theme settings,three adjustable projection angles. Download the application 'Smartlife' from the Appstore, it is compatible with both IOS & Android System, simply sign up with your phone number or email, the application is charge-free with all the specially designed features include Voice Command via Alexa or Google Assistant for lifetime.
  • This projector is the first of it's kind that made it possible combine button, voice, and application control all in one, each commanding system is processed by it's individual chip-set, it assures you could control it anywhere in any way.
  • We aliened with 'Smartlife', the most popular smart electronic device control platform, through your phone, you will be able to change the nebula color, motor spinning frequency, set up dimming mode for different scenic theme from party, sleeping to relaxing and romantic.

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