Stuffed Animal Monkey Plush Toy Soft Cute Brown Monkey

  • Whether to display on a shelf with his lovely dangly legs or to be tucked under your little one's arm ready for daily play, this cute soft toy is the monkey for the job.
  • Soft, cute and cuddly with plush features and just enough weighting in his backside to help him sit up by himself while still being soft and pillowy enough to allow for maximum cuddle potential.
  • With a head to toe measurement of 53cm/21 inches (seated measurement 29cm/11.5 inches) this chimp is just the right size to tag along with your family wherever you go and the perfect size for night time snuggles.
  • Perfectly detailed with hard eyes and a sewn-on smiling mouth, search his fluffy belly fur and you'll even find he has a cute little belly button.
  • He's very happy to join your family, eat your bananas and become your new best friend - you can tell by the smile on his face!

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