Summer Blanket, 2 in 1 Design Throw Blanket Bed Throw Blue

About this item

  • 💎Cooling Technology---Elegear cool blanket is made of Japanese Q-Max 0.4 cooling fibers that can absorb heat and sweat from your body and kepp you cool. It’s hard to sleep in the summer when you are too hot and sleep quality improves when you are comfortably cool. If you are the people with perspiration and night sweat when sleeping, we suggest you to use this blanket.
  • 💎2 in 1 Combination---On one side is 100% cotton fabric for winter used which keeps you cosy on cooler nights. While the other side is made with Japanese cooling fiber which is perfect for keeping you cool on warmer nights. It is suitable for all seasons and machine washable. A simple throw blanket that meets your needs all year round
  • 💎Fall Asleep Quickly---Typical body temperature is between 36.5 and 37.5°C. Elegear summer duvet will keep you comfortably cool and maintain an optimal sleep temperature(16-21°C), enabling you to fall asleep sooner. So you don't need to buy an air conditioner in hot summer. Just a fan and cooling blanket, you can have a good summer.
  • 💎What is Q-Max---Q-max simulates the maximum instantaneous loss of skin heat when body touches the fabric. The larger the Q-max, the more heat that can be taken away. Its standard value is 0.2, but the Q-max value of Elegear's cool blanket reached above 0.4. It will bring you unprecedented experience and keep you cool all night on hot summer days.

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