Upgraded Sprinkler for Kids, Sprinkler Pad & Splash Play Mat, Splash Pad, 170cm Toddler Water Toys Fun for 1 2 3 4 5 Year Old Boy Girl Children Infants Toddlers and Kids

<li>❤2019 New Sprinkler for Kids - Every kid loves playing with water. Especially during the hot weather, it is good to allow your kids to have this fun. All you have to do is hooked the sprinkler to your outdoor garden hose and you are ready to go.</li>
<li>❤ 68" Splash Play Mat - outside toy can be used as your mini swimming pool. The ring around the outside had small holes where the water comes up. It allows your 2-4 kids to play with their water toys in the circle of the pool.</li>
<li>❤Thickened design-ours is a patented circular cushion with a wave ring around the edge. Then, the water expands the ring completely and pushes it out through the spray holes on both sides. Water also accumulates in the middle play area, so your baby can splash into the mini pool.</li>
<li><b>❤Adjustable Water Height Fun - The low water pressure sprays the height of the water is about 15- 30 cm. The water spray direction is the inner side. The height increases with the pressure. Note</b>: When the water pressure exceeds the normal range, spray direction maybe some outside.</li>
<li>❤Durable quality and 1-year warranty-The sprinkler and splash pads are made of heavy-duty PVC, which has been thoroughly tested and can stand the test of time! That is our security deposit or your refund! If you encounter any problems, please contact us</li>

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