Why Does It Always Rain On The Golf Course?

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Why Does It Always Rain On The Golf Course?

If you're like me and love a round of golf now and then, them I;m sure just like me you often scratch your head wondering why it rains every time you step out on the golf course?

Well in my case I'm in Sydney so we tend to get quite a lot of rain in spring and summer as do all of our locations to the north and north west of Sydney all the way to the top of Australia.

I was checking out the number of rainy days in Sydney per year on the Bureau of Meteorology Website.

Please feel free to click the link here Bureau of Meteorology to check out the rain fall in your location.

So it makes it hard to plan my golf weekends as I never really know if it will rain or not as rain in the seasons can be a very hard things to predict.

I dont mind getting waterlogged however I do dislike my sore card being destroyed in the rain, Boo Hoo!

So the question is how do we plan our golf rounds to avoid the rain or stay dry when the rain hits!

What are your tactics, would be pleased for you to let me know


Thank you.


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