Why It Is Important To Keep Your Cat Hydrated Well Over Summer!

Hi there fellow Cat Lovers,

Welcome to our discussion on the importance of keeping your Cat well hydrated over the summer months as we now start to head into the Summer months in the land Down Under!

We all know that Cats love to drink milk right!

Why It Is Important To Keep Your Cat Hydrated Well Over Summer!

Well is that really true, according to my local vet it is not actually the case and that not surprisingly Cats really love to drink water the most and just like humans it is the most efficient way for a Cat to keep its body hydrated.


Cats love to drink water and often the best way to ensure they are drinking enough is to have plenty of fresh water available for them.

Just like humans Cats love fresh water and do enjoy when stale bowls of water have been left around the home for them!

Having plenty of water that is fresh will keep them interested to drink and stay hydrated.

Why It Is Important To Keep Your Cat Hydrated Well Over Summer!

The symptoms a cat feels are the same type of discomforts we feel when we are hydrated, so its very important to keep your Cat drinking water.

There are many great ways to do this and using drinking fountains in the home is an inexpensive way to have constant fresh water available for your precious Cat at home as the warmer weather rolls in.

Below here is an example of the type of in-expensive system you can include in your home to ensure your Cat is getting around dehydrated and feeling thirsty. 

Dehydration will affect your Cat's general demeanour, eating habits and energy levels at a minimum.

Finding ways to avoid this will help your Cat to stay healthy playful and generally better to be around because your Cat is feeling energised by water.

Have a safe well hydrated summer for your Cat and please ensure to keep your fluid levels up as well.

Thank you for joining us and have a great hydrated day.

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