100% Cotton Handmade Floor Pillow Bed Cover - Travel-Friendly and Perfect for Sleepovers 88" x 32"

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  •  Black & White Elephant/Tree , Best Pillow Bed Covers - Floor Pillows for Adults - Made in India  
  • COMFY, ULTRA SOFT AND LUXURIOUS: Sit back and relax with inYAgo ultra-comfy best Pillow Bed Covers! This Floor Pillows for Adults is perfect for Sleepovers, Snuggling up with a good book. Fold the top Pillow under to create a Headrest or lay it flat to use it as a Pillow Bed. This 100% Cotton Pillow Bed Cover individually Handmade in India.
  • VERSATILE: This Bed Pillow Covers Perfect for Travel, Camping, Vacation, or visiting Grandparents. Folds into a floor Lounger Seat or lay it flat for a Pillow Bed, depending on that moment's activities. No more bulky Bean Bag Chairs, your kids will love to cuddle up in the warmth of our whimsical Loungers.
  • IDEAL FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: The Floor Pillow Bed Cover converts into a Comfy Square Lounger for playtime or hanging with friends. Changes into twin Loungers for your toddlers to share or fold your straight Lounger into a seat for Watching Movies, Reading, Glamping, Video Games, or Lounging. Fits Easily in the Car or in Your Tent. Use it at the Beach or on a Picnic the Pillow Bed is your perfect Companion.
  • COZY COMFORT: Best Bed Pillow Cover, Whether they’re using it for a Slumber Party Lounger or a reading chair, your little one will feel cozy and comfortable. Use it as PADDING on any hard surface. For Napping, Sleepovers, Meditation or just Lounging Around At Home or in the Garden. Fits Easily in the Car or in Your Tent. Use it at the Beach or on a Picnic. The Pillow Bed is your perfect Companion.
  • EASY CARE INSTRUCTIONS: This Pillow Bed Cover is Machine Washable, Cool water, Delicate Cycle, Tumble Dry Low. Fade-resistant so it will stay fresh and new. The Pillow Bed can be used on both sides. When both sides are a little Grubby Simply remove the Pillows and wash the Pillow Bed Cover in the Washing Machine on a Cold Wash. When the Pillows become worn just replace one or all of them. Your Pillow Bed is good as new again.