168W UV Nail Dryer, Ultra Fast Gel Nail Dryer for Nail Polish, 36LED Nail Professional UV Led Nail Lamp (White)

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【High Power Fast Dry Led Nail Lamp 】Our professional 168W power UV Light Nail Lamp can cure nails faster than most other UV Nail Light, saving 85% of curing time. Our UV Light Nail Lamp with 36 led beads, 180° irradiation flawless curing without dead zone.Benefit from soft dual light, LED Nail Lamp no harm to your eyes. UV Light Nail Lamp will not cause discomfort to your hands or feet during use.
【Smart Automatic Sensor 】UV Light Nail Lamp built-in the smart infrared sensor, our UV Nail Light can work automatically - hands in, light on; hands out, light off. UV Light Nail Lamp with the unique phone holder design, no longer boring while waiting for curing nails. You can use UV Light Nail Lamp while watching movies or tutorial videos.
【UV Light Nail Lamp with 4 Touch Timers】 LED Nail Lamp with the digital shows the nail drying time clearly. This UV Light Nail Lamp UV Nail Light has a time memory function that can be set to 10s, 30s, 60s and 99s of low heat mode on the touch screen. Our LED Nail Lamp can cure most gel nail polish and Resin.This UV Light Nail Lamp UV Nail Light is suitable for home and salon use.