2.5" Spice Grinder with Sieve and Magnetic Lid, Large 4-Piece Premium Black Zinc Alloy

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  • Please purchase from only genuine seller LGNTXDC AU. If you are looking for a grinder that grinds very easily and with an even fluffy consistency, then your choice for us is the right one! The reason is that our product has very sharp sharp teeth that are perfectly positioned to grind all kinds of grass, from the lightest grass to the densest grass with a few easy turns. The fine grass produced by this grinder will burn more efficiently for maximum results.
  • SUPERIOR MATERIAL - DURABLE: Newly designed high-strength aluminum alloy metal grinder with high-quality electroplating surface. The new LGNTXDC removable mesh screen is deeper and fits snugly on the bottom piece. And we improved the sharp curved teeth, you may find that our special highlight is totally different from the others, the top of the grinder is a concave curved surface to increase efficiency.
  • DO NOT SPILL: LGNTXDC Grinder has a very strong MAGNETIC LID. The first layer cover and the second layer cover have a strong rare earth magnet that is easy to open and close without turning. It is strong enough to hold you tight even if you flip and shake it, which means it will avoid spilling your herbs dramatically.
  • WIDE USE: The LGNTXDC grinder can cut and shake your most herbs and rotates smoothly. It is specifically designed to hold more ground material and be more stable. And it will allow you to grind more herbs at once and keep it from spilling when you open the top.