2 Pcs Dream Catchers Tree of Life Blue Feathers, Handmade with Crystals Wall Hanging Home

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  • Unique Design: This dream catcher is uniquely designed with a vegan suede border and blue feathers. The uniform and detailed mesh, the soft and unblemished feathers, and the natural smooth beads will give you beautiful wall or car decorations.
  • Beautiful Legend: Keep bad dreams away. Hanging a dream catcher wall art over or around your sleeping area, it is said that the bad dreams will be deterred by catcher net and the colorful feather decor will attract and allow good dreams to pass through.
  • Handmade Crafted: This Boho Dreamcatcher is 100% pure handmade with a vegan suede border and blue feathers. Every item is handmade in ethical condition & harmony with nature weaved with the traditional manual techniques.
  • Perfect for Hanging: Crafted using a blue feather to add a touch of boho-chic to any room. Decorate your kids' bedroom, living room, windows, even use it as a wedding party decoration.