3 Pcs Soap Dish Holder Stand Saver Tray Case for Shower (Purple)

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  • -Silicone Rubber Drainer Dishes for Bar Soap Sponge Scrubber Bathroom Kitchen Sink-Dishwasher Safe-Drains Water-Extends Soap Life
  • Items are created with special attention to simplicity, practically, quality, and saving space.
  • this soap tray doesn?t take up much room on the counter, allowing it to fit in tiny spaces.
  • SELF-DRAINING: This tray self-drains in order to remove excess water to maintain a dry, clean appearance and keep your soap lasting longer.
  • MODERN DESIGN: The modern look of this Home soap tray is meant to match your home decor. and is available in multiple colors.
  • SOAP TRAY: For use by the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or shower, this soap holder is the perfect place for a bar of soap.