Nail Dipping Powder Nail Art Powder 6 Colors Acrylic Powder Set French Manicure

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  • Package Included: 6 jar of color powders (0.35 oz/jar)
  • Time saving, fast natural dry, no UV/LED curing lamp needed.
  • Rich pigments, easy to apply. Usually two coats would cover opaquely.
  • No Nicks, Chips or Smudges. Long wearing, lasting up to 14 days!

    Step 1: Pre the nail.

    Step 2: Apply a thin base coat to 3/4th of your nails. Avoid getting any on cuticles.

    Step 3: Dip in the powder immediately, then pull nails straight back out, tap off the excess powder, and clean nails with brush.

    Step 4: Apply a thin base coat to the tip of nails.

    Step 5: Repeat Step 3. (You could always repeat Step 4 & 5 until the desired opacity is reached.)

    Step 6: Apply activator and give it a minute to dry.

    Step 7: Buff and shape the nail to your liking. Then apply a 2nd layer of activator and let it dry completely for 2 minutes. Then clean again with lint free wipe.

    Step 8: Apply top coat, when dry apply a second layer of top coat and let it dry completely for 2 minutes.

    Step 9: Enjoy your manicure!