Air Conditioner Slim, Length & Angle Adjustable Deflector helps Cooling/Heating Air Circulation

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  • ☑️《DEFLECTOR SAVES ENERGY》 AIR WING MULTI deflector helps direct the air toward an area where it would be most beneficial to the home. A deflector can help keep more of the conditioned air to be directed for maximum benefit allowing you to save energy. It works for cooling and heating, all year around.
  • ☑️《KEEP THE COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURE EQUALLY》 If you frequently notice cold or hot pockets of air in your home / office, AIR WING MULTI changes the air direction and circulates air and keeps the ambient air temperature consistent. It also prevents your vents inefficiently blowing air directly into furniture, you can change the air direction and protect your furniture.
  • ☑️《ADAPTABLE TO MOST KINDS OF AIR CONDITIONER, COOLING AND HEATING REGISTERS》 It is designed for many kinds of air conditioners such as Ductless Split System Air Conditioners, Portable Air Conditioner, Venting through a Wall / Ceiling, and works for many register shapes such as square, rectangle or circle.
  • ☑️《EASY INSTALLATION & LENGTH-ADJUSTABLE》 No special tools are required! After cleaning the surface, put the adapter with double-sided tape to the air conditioner and attach the Air Conditioner Deflector (wing) to the adapter. It takes less than 5 min, super easy installation for anyone!! The length is adjustable from 21"(54cm) to 28" (70cm) depending on your need.
  • ☑️《PREVENTS CONDENSATION》 The surface wave pattern of the air wing is specifically designed to minimize condensation. Even though there may be a large difference in temperature on the two sides of the air wing, the wave pattern effectively avoids condensation build-up on the wing. 【PRODUCT DETAILS】 MAIN UNIT SIZE:21"(54cm) - 28"(70cm) X 4.7"(12cm), ADAPTER SIZE:1.6"(4cm) X 3.5"(9cm), MATERIAL:Propolypyrene (main unit), ABS resin (adapter), COLOR:Off-white, MADE IN JAPAN