Automatic Dish soap dispenser Sanitizer Stainless Steel marble Touchless

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  • Perfect time to adopt to Touchless Technology. IR Sensor Soap dispenser 9.5oz/280 ml is hands-free technology with PIR sensor detection system. This new design beautifies any settings and provides the feel of comfort, richness & pride!
  • Place hand under the sensor to activate automatic pump discharging liquid soap or sanitizer for optimal discharge in to your palm (Refer instruction manual). Best way to STOP spreading contagious bacteria and avoid infections
  • Quality 304 grade Stainless Steel shell with fine special ABS plastic inner shell, top head fitted with IR sensor lenses. Base is of ABS plastic with IPX4 waterproof base enclosing battery unit and powered by 4x AAA batteries (Not included). This design incorporates ON/OFF switch feature on the top
  • Dispenser works with hand soap, sanitizer, dish washing liquid, etc. This table-top unit can be used in Bathrooms, Kitchens, Hotels, Bar & Restaurants, etc. comes with soap level slit opening on the side. Please dilute thick & viscous soap liquids with water without Fail. Best performance when used in moderate temperature 66 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid soap liquid becoming viscous
  • Dispenser is designed for 3A class leak proof and waterproof technology to prevent soap or water from corroding sensitive inner circuit boards. Now, you can try it out yourself!
  • Automatic Dish soap dispenser Sanitizer Stainless Steel marble Touchless liquid soap kitchen bathroom waterproof