Automatic Soap Dispenser 250ML Infrared Motion Sensor Touchless Hand Free

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  • 👍[Touch-Free Automatic Soap Dispenser] Hands-free soap dispenser featured apply smart motion infra-red sensor technology and precise motion,without clogging and drip.Neat easy and automatic the touch free operation means no germs are passed on and no smudges on the soap pump.It's simple to put your hands close to the nozzle and you will get foam automatically and quickly.It is more sensitive than ordinary induction foam dispensers.
  • 👍[0.25S Quick Foaming] Near-field infrared sensor, 0.25s quick foaming.Liquid soap dispenser with a visible window at the front indicating the liquid levels for easy and timely replenishment.We do not suggest using a thick liquid. There is no strict ratio, but a mixture of soap with water at the ratio of 1: 2 is a good place to start.Available for all kinds of liquid such as liquid hand sanitizer and hand soap, shampoo and body wash etc.
  • 👍[Ultra-low Noise] Preferably silent motor, 40 db noise, 30,000 times life.Made of the high-quality ABS which waterproof grade is IPX3. The top battery compartment is designed to prevent water seepage from affecting the other parts. Powered by USB/3 AA Batteries( not included in the package)
  • 👍[Convenient Refilling] Recommended to use bubble-type hand sanitizer. Suitable for various liquids, such as liquid hand sanitizer and lotion, shampoo and shower gel, etc. (Not suitable for use with hydroalcoholic gel)! Applicable to kitchen / bathroom / toilet / kindergarten / hospital / hotel / office, etc., no installation, low working noise.
  • 👍[Easy to use] Wall mounted or put on the table.The noise at work is low.This soap dispenser can detect your hand in 2 seconds and perform a quick and automatic soap distribution. Just place your hand 2-3 inches (5cm) under the sensor instead of pressing it when you are using it. Two foaming modes: 0.6s and 1.2s. Maintaining high standards of hygiene is easier than ever when washing hands.
  • Automatic Soap Dispenser, 250ML Infrared Motion Sensor Touchless Hand Free Countertop and Wall Mount Pump Foaming Soap Dispensers for Bathroom, Kitchen, and Office