Basswood - Extra Large Carving Blocks - 2x2x12" Whittling Wood Blocks - 2 Pack

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  • QUALITY AMERICAN MADE BLOCKS FOR ACCURATE WOODWORKING: Get your hands on a premium quality whittling set and make your woodcarving project an effortless, precise task! Unlike balsa wood kits, our basswood for carving kit is manufactured of soft, creamy BASS WOOD. This BEAUTIFUL wood whittling kit will provide you with the smoothest surface for all your woodwork needs. So grab your pocket knife, whittling knife, wood carving knife and wood carving tools set and get to work today!
  • EQUIP YOURSELF WITH THE MOST POPULAR CARVING BASSWOOD BLOCKS! Unlike most carving wood block sets on the market that include blocks you are HARDLY going to need, JoePaul's Crafts makes a practical selection of THE MOST NEEDED surfaces in this whittling kit for your multiple projects! CONSISTENT size and inclusion of the 2 HUGE BLOCKS save you from surprises and make your set so functional!
  • SAVE TIME & EFFORT! This whittling set is precious for whittling lovers and hobbyists. Save time and energy handling any wood working task in convenience with these LIGHTWEIGHT, SLEEK wooden surfaces! They are CUT IN A BREEZE and create the perfect tool to impress everyone with your masterpieces!
  • A SPECIAL GIFT TO A LOVED WHITTLER FROM BEGINNER TO ADVANCED! Superior quality and inspiring for 1000+1 projects, this high-end whittling blocks set makes a stunning gift to any special whittler! Offer it to your passionate wood carving friend, the girl scout, boy scout or cub scout and help them sew on their uniform the oh-so-beautiful whittling chip after! Gift this set as a beginner whittling kit or advanced whittling kit. Show off your taste and put a wide smile on their face!