Bedside Tables Drawers Side Table Wood Nightstand Storage Cabinet Bedroom (White)

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⭐ KEEP THINGS IN EASY REACH – Read a book on your bed. Place down a glass of water. Keep a late-night snack within arm's reach on your new bedside table. Get a second one so your wife can have her own snack storage station too.
⭐ IMPRESS YOUR WIFE – Show off to your wife that you really do have a sense of style. The timeless aesthetic of this nightstand will last you many years to come.
⭐ STORE YOUR TREASURES – Store all the books you want to read in your new nightstand. Grab a new book out as you finish a favourite. Set up your phone charger there for easy access.
⭐ GREAT FOR THE LIVING ROOM – Don't just use this in the bedroom. Use it as a stylish wooden side table in the lounge room. Set down your drink and remote control while you watch that new movie with your special someone.
⭐ SPECIFICATIONS – 33cm x 33cm x 50cm. Particleboard.  colour.White