Calf Stretcher for Plantar Fasciitis Relief, Achilles Tendonitis Support, Heel, Foot Massage | Stretch Calf Roller Massager

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  •  ● Bonus Spiky Massage Ball and Instruction Guide
  • ⍟ SAY YES TO EFFECTIVE FOOT STRETCHING: Relax & stretch your foot, ankle, feet, and hamstring with this premium foot rocker calf stretcher. Practice optimal stretching with effective small intensity movements that boost circulation and reduces fatigue. With effective isolation and even deep stretching, using the calf stretch rocker & ankle strengthener is a must-do activity after a long day of standing to reduce pain and prevent injuries!
  • ⍟ REDUCE HEEL, FOOT & ANKLE PAIN: By forcing your feet to be in the correct position for effective stretching, the heel stretcher acts as great foot & calf strengthening equipment for foot therapy, achilles tendonitis relief, plantar fasciitis, ankle strain, arch pain, and other foot-related chronic conditions.
  • ⍟ HIGH-CAPACITY & ADJUSTABLE: Made of superior plastic construction with a high capacity, the ankle exerciser foot rocker easily fits most shoe sizes. This makes the plantar fasciitis stretcher ideal for both women & men.
  • ⍟ ANTI-SLIP & ERGONOMIC: Designed with a calf stretch box plate that is non-slip and ergonomic, the calf rocker is a comfortable and safe place to increase range of motion and flexibility. Exercise with confidence knowing that you will always have a correct heel and foot posture with our advanced design.
  • ⍟ EXTRA MASSAGE BALL AND INSTRUCTION GUIDE: Unlike most roller stretching muscles devices, our foot rocker plantar fasciitis stretcher also comes with a BONUS spiky massage ball and instruction guide. Use it to experience effective & deep tissue massage, relax muscles, and further reduce the plantar fasciitis symptoms.